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Top Tips for Being Settled in Your New Home Before Christmas

Top Tips for Being Settled in Your New Home Before Christmas

There’s no denying, moving house can be a stressful time of your life, but have no fear, Lovett Estate Agents are well versed when it comes to helping you move in and around the county. Our mission is to take the stress out of buying, selling, letting or renting property. We’ve won awards for our customer service and care, so why not consider us next time you’re moving?

Here are our top tips for being settled in your new home before Christmas;

Preparation is Key

Once you have sale agreed on your property or you have been accepted to let a property, it’s time to prep! You now have a small window to get organized. Grab some empty boxes from a local super market (the bigger the better) and pack up the non-essentials. Who doesn’t love a spring clean anyway, despite the time of year? Use this as an opportunity to sort through your belongings, throw out what you don’t require in the new home, and get ahead of your move. Preparation is everything!


Setting up your internet connection, along with Sky, Virgin or similar, can take time out of your day, and cause chaos at times! We suggest speaking to your provider a month before your planned move. Ask them if they can transfer your current utilities across to the new address, or if you need a whole new set-up. If it is the latter, don’t fret, it’s better to be armed with the facts than not at all. At least you can make smart decisions. We suggest making the calls on your lunch break (saves you wasting precious evening time) and working out the best plan for you. You’d be surprised how much notice Sky, Plusnet and so actually need in terms of notice, so get your ducks in a row! You don’t want Christmas without the internet and Netflix to entertain the kids, friends and family!

Organise Your Inner Foodie

With Christmas looming it makes sense to plan your all-important Christmas meal in good time. Don’t leave it until the last minute to order your turkey, the trimmings and the all important Christmas pudding! Once you’re in your new home, place an order with the likes of Ocado, so you have 100% peace of mind that you will receive the necessities. Even if you wish to order certain, key items from a local farm shop, make the most of online shopping for the essentials. When you’re running around organising your new home, unpacking, decorating, wondering if your dining room table will seat everyone over Christmas, use the power of online to order in the must-haves.

‘Tis the Season of Giving

You’ve already got so much on your mind with the home move so let Amazon become your best friend at this time of year. Whilst you’re juggling paint brushes, empty boxes, utilities, new alarm systems, and so on, you might not have a minute to think about Christmas presents. That’s why you need a one-stop-shop for every family member and friend. From gadgets to trending products, Amazon has got you covered. Just be sure to update your delivery address to your new home and the rest is done. Christmas made easy!

We’ll be revealing more home-move tips over the coming weeks and months, so do keep an eye on our blogs page. Don’t forget, if you are looking to sell your home in the New Year, our expert team at Lovett Estate Agents will be more than happy to offer advice and a complimentary property valuation.

Until next time…


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