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    Top Tips For Selling Your Home this Spring

    Top Tips For Selling Your Home this Spring

    With spring right around the corner, we wanted to share with you our top tips for selling your home.

    The property market can be an exciting journey, with highs and lows, there’s no denying. That’s why you need an Estate Agent like Lovett that will guide you through the entire process. offering insight, advice and council whenever required. As much, or as little, as you wish.

    We have worked hard to be one of the best Estate Agents in Bournemouth and have consequently sold thousands of homes locally.

    This means we have plenty of tips that can get potential buyers really interested in your property.

    1. First impressions are key

    The front of your house and the initial look and feel are so important to a viewer . It makes a lasting impression – this could be their future home. Keep your driveway, doorway and garden tidy. Free these areas of clutter and get your windows cleaned if budget prevails. It’s not about spending a fortune, it’s about making your home as sell-able as possible and not having any regret that you’ve missed an opportunity.

    2 Fix minor problems

    Viewers will be on their guard so be sure to take the time to fix that leaky tap, cracked tile or marks on the wall. You don’t want any potential buyers trying to negotiate money off the asking price because of minor issues you could have sorted yourself. Ensure that all your light bulbs are working and that the house has been well aired

    3. Give viewers space

    So many people think that being home for the viewing is an advantage. As an established Estate Agent with years of experience under our belt, we say, leave it to the professionals. Your Estate Agent is working on your behalf so is acting in the interest of you at all times. They are expert negotiators and sellers and will have a clear vision of how they want to show-off your property. If you really want to be there, or can’t get out for any reason, the Estate Agent will of course understand.  However if you can ensure you’re not home, it allows the Estate Agent to work their magic even more!

    4. Preparation is key

    If you’re a motivated seller, why not create a folder with all the necessary details of the property? This keeps everything organised and in one place for you (less stress when it comes to the paperwork) and is a very efficient message to the buyer. It provides clarity. The folder may include alarm system details, boiler contacts and notes, manuals and warranties for any built-in appliances. We’ve heard firsthand that a folder like that can be a Godsend for both seller and purchaser!

    5. Remove clutter where you can

    It may sound simple, but we’ve experienced washing left out to dry in random places, bikes in hallways, blinds left down or curtains closed. Our tip? Ask a friend to suggest some items to remove.  They offer a new perspective. Even items that you love, such as your bike, or shoes racks could clutter an otherwise spacious hallway. Try to clear as much as possible away.

    6. Put your pets away

    As much as we love animals, your viewer may have an allergy, or they may worry the house may be worn in places due to certain pets running free. This may suit you! However be mindful it doesn’t suit everyone. Keep pets out of the way or with a friend during visits, and make sure you have thoroughly hoovered away any fur.

    7. Don’t forget the nice smells!

    Candles and diffuses can make a lovely impact on a home and can add that homely touch, so easily! If you can afford to, purchase one or two and scatter them through the home. It’ll be nice for you and leave a lasting impression on a viewing.

    Do you want more advice? As a leading Estate Agents in Bournemouth we’ve sold thousands of properties across Dorset and our team are on hand to give you even more expert tips

    We’re offering no-obligation property appraisals, so if you’d like to gather an up-to-date property valuation, reflective of the market, please contact Our Sales Department: 01202 303044


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